Three Great Uses For Leaves

1. Leaf bag decorations   Everybody knows leaves make good compost but before you decide to throw them in the compost bin, consider using them for decorations. ?You don’t have to purchase?predesigned?bags either. That’s boring! You can design your own using ordinary lawn and leaf bags. Black or white bags, it doesn’t really matter, since you’ll be?painting over them?anyway. ?As long as you remove the air and tie the bag Continue reading Three Great Uses For Leaves

Giant Size Pumpkin and Summer Squash Plant

summer squash and pumpkin plant

A giant size heirloom pumpkin and summer squash plant grew from an old seed.? I grew them last year so the seed must have got mixed in to the soil. ? The plants are over five feet tall and still growing!   The soil at Sandy Acre Pines is all sand… hence the name. No fertilizer was added to this plant except for a few goat droppings.       Continue reading Giant Size Pumpkin and Summer Squash Plant

Kill weeds and make lasagna

Pulling weeds is no fun especially when your dealing with the long rooted perennial type. ?I like to take a different approach to weed control. ?Block out the sun and the weeds can’t grow. While some people cover weeds with plastic to block out the sun, I like to use a slightly different approach. ?My method takes a little longer but also improves the soil. You go away on vacation Continue reading Kill weeds and make lasagna