A Greenhouse For Under $150.00

hoop style greenhouse

Build a cheap greenhouse for less than $150.00. That’s right! I took that challenge and built this one for around $138. It has six shelves, an automatic window and drip irrigation. Of course the shelving and irrigation were a few bucks extra. Other than that this is a simple inexpensive structure that can be built in just a few hours. It has many more uses than just a greenhouse. I Continue reading A Greenhouse For Under $150.00

The Garbage Can Greenhouse Heater

An Easy Way To Heat A Greenhouse Controlling the temperature in a small greenhouse can be a challenge.? I’m in Wisconsin and night time and day time temperatures have been varying by 30 – 40 degrees.? It makes it tough to start seedlings if you can’t sustain a moderate temperature range. Over the years I’ve found a way to keep the temperatures in the greenhouse somewhat steady.? As long as Continue reading The Garbage Can Greenhouse Heater

Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Review

When I first saw this mini greenhouse the first thing that came to mind was, ?Wow! This would be so perfect for starting seeds!? Normally I use a germination tray with a heating pad which works well if I?m starting one tray of seeds at a time, but buying multiple heating pads gets spendy fast. Once I looked closer I started thinking about other ways a mini greenhouse would be Continue reading Gardman 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse Review