The Real Science of Harvesting Worms

red worms in wet soil

So why would you want to harvest your worms? Did you ever notice the more worms you have in your bin the smaller they are. ?If you want them to get big?you need to be harvesting worms to keep them from overpopulating. ?Remove enough of them?to start a fresh bin every so often. As you feed your worms kitchen waste, they will begin to multiply. ?Depending on the worms you Continue reading The Real Science of Harvesting Worms

What To Feed Your Composting Red Worms

If you raise red worms outside like I do, one of the best things you can feed your worms is animal manure mixed with leaves or straw. ?However, if your going to be vermicomposting and collecting worm castings, you’re not going to want to be composting manure in a worm bin or indoor composting bin. Composting worms will eat any fruit or vegetable. ?Some they will eat slower than others, Continue reading What To Feed Your Composting Red Worms

Indoor Worm Composting Bins

The Best Worm Composting Bins For Indoor?Use In most parts of the country, there’s a time when worm composting?must?be done indoors. ?The type of worm bin you use is important to your composting success. ?So Choose wisely! The worm farm is adaptable and can house a lot of worms. ?As your worms multiply you can add more trays. ?This was the first bin system I started with. ?It can be Continue reading Indoor Worm Composting Bins