Five Great Ideas for Goat Feeders

Great Ideas For?Goat Hay Feeders

Hay feeders for goats don’t need to be fancy but they need to be build with a few things in mind. The first thing is goats will waste hay if they can pull it out and drop it on the ground. ?Once hay is on the ground, they will rarely eat it.

The second thing is keeping them out of the hay. If they can jump in a feeder, they will. That includes knocking the feeder over and chewing pieces off of it. Goats are notorious for banging into things and each other. It’s how they show their dominance (order of importance in the herd).

So the feeder must be sturdy and allow them to eat without pulling the hay out onto the ground. There’s two types of feeders. ?Portable and permanent. ?Most permanent feeders are built inside a barn while the portable ones can be moved around in the field.

The barrel feeder is both cheap to build and easy to move.

half barrel hay feeder
wood frame around a half barrel goat feeder

Here’s another example of a cheap goat hay feeder that would be easy to move if necessary.

goat feeder made out of a barrel
half barrel goat feeder

Making a base and mounting it on a post would be a good way to keep it up off the ground.

Another great hay feeder for goats is the IBC?tote. They’re light enough you can move them around and they’re strong enough that they can withstand a few head banging goats. The nice thing about IBC?totes is they are made of all galvanized metal similar to goat panels.

ibc tote hay feeder
goat hay feeder made from an ibc tote

The only down side is what I mentioned earlier. As you can see, goats would easily waste hay with this tote. Unless you add some smaller size mesh fencing around the outside to keep the hay in. Another option would be to build a wooden trough around the perimeter. Then If they drop the hay in the trough, they’re still likely to eat most of it.

Here’s some ideas for more permanent feeders.

pallet style hay feeder
Hay feeder made with pallets

The pallet feeder is always a good choice.?You can sometimes find them advertised for free on craigslist. Again, how you use the pallets will determine how long your feeder is going to last. If you keep them outside, building a roof over the top of them is a no-brainer.

plywood goat feeder
goat feeder made out of all plywood







Here’s a cool idea for a plywood hay feeder. It’s nothing more than a box with a few keyholes cut in it. This type of feeder would hold a couple large bales of hay. Add a hinged roof?to keep the hay dry and your in business.

feeder for goats
tower hay feeder for goats

Here’s another great idea for a goat feeder. A towering bale feeder. It holds one large square bale and can feed many goats at once. The bottom base keeps the hay from being wasted.

grain goat feeder trough
goat feeder for grain

Grain trough feeder for goats. This is a must have for feeding goats. When it comes to feeding grain you need to dump the grain fast and get out of the way. Or fill the bin and release the beasts!

large barrel feeder
large barrel feeder for goats


And finally we have a large round bale feeder. This would be for a large scale goat farm and obviously there’s going to be lots of wasted hay with this setup. I would try to avoid it or suffer the loss.

There you have it! I listed more than five feeders for goats but you get the idea of what makes up a good hay?feeder. Hope it inspires you to keep that hay off the ground and the money in your pocket!

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