Giant Size Pumpkin and Summer Squash Plant

A giant size heirloom pumpkin and summer squash plant grew from an old seed.? I grew them last year so the seed must have got mixed in to the soil. ? The plants are over five feet tall and still growing!


goat with pumpkin plant
Goats don’t like pumpkin plants!

The soil at Sandy Acre Pines is all sand… hence the name.

No fertilizer was added to this plant except for a few goat droppings.







What started as just a pumpkin plant quickly grew into a world record-setting summer squash and pumpkin plant.? Say that ten times fast…

pumpkin plantsummer squash and pumpkin plant










The plant has produced several basketball size summer squash and a bunch of small pumpkins so far.? The squash plant was winning early on but now the pumpkin plant has clearly caught up.? Look at the size of the leaf up against my hand.


my hand against a pumpkin leaf summer squash leafsquash and pumpkin plant who wins











There was one catch to the mysterious plant growing here.? Under the giant size plant is a pile of worm castings

that I was using in the garden.? Clearly it’s the best kept secret to growing plants without chemicals.

There’s a lot of debate as to what’s considered organic.? It seems anything can be listed as organic nowadays.

These plants grew with NO pesticide, weed killer, or fertilizer.? I didn’t water them…? Heck, I didn’t even plant them!

I’d consider that organic!




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