Here’s a few goats for sale at Sandy Acre Pines farm.

miniature fainting goat buck
Miniature fainting goat buck. Full blood fainter. Silky smooth hair with solid blue eyes.
fainting goat doe
Three year old Sannen and fainter?doe.
lexi and kid fainting goats
miniature fainting goat does
fainter doe
miniature fainter doe 7 months old. ?Full fainter all black and white with blue eyes.
Sannen doe mixed with fainting goat
Sannen doe mixed with fainting goat. Will be 4 years old this year.
Two Sannen does
Two Sannen does 7 months old.
Sannen doe
Sannen doe 8 years old.
alpine dairy goat
alpine dairy goat








2017 Goat kids are here.

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