Kill weeds and make lasagna

Pulling weeds is no fun especially when your dealing with the long rooted perennial type. ?I like to take a different approach perennial weeds in gardento weed control. ?Block out the sun and the weeds can’t grow.

While some people cover weeds with plastic to block out the sun, I like to use a slightly different approach. ?My method takes a little longer but also improves the soil.

You go away on vacation for a week and come back to a garden of weeds… ?Here’s what to do…

  • Take a hoe and knock them down.
  • Cover them with long rows of cardboard.
  • Put a three inch layer of grass clippings over the cardboard.

Continue to repeat the process… ?Cardboard, grass, cardboard, grass. ?Just like?making lasagna!layers of cardboard

Of course, the top layer should be grass clippings. Adding some finished compost will help speed the composting as well. That’s it, when your done with adding the last layer,??give it a good watering to wet the cardboard. ? If you try this method around plants, be sure to keep a safe distance away because the heat will kill the plants.

By sandwiching the grass clippings between layers of cardboard you create heat. ?It takes four things for this to happen;wet grass clippings carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and water. ?When you add the grass clippings between the cardboard layers, heat builds up between the cardboard. ?The combination of the heat and not allowing the weeds to get sun, will make for a weed free garden in the coming months.

Building raised beds and using the lasagna method of gardening is a great way to grow produce. Anything that involves less weed pulling and no chemicals I’m all for. lasagna gardening in raised beds

Try this a year before planting your garden and you’ll be amazed with the results!


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