Raising Rabbits Without Using Cages

rabbit in a cage
Caged rabbit

Raising Rabbits Without Using Cages

Seems a little strange right?

After all, rabbits are prey animals and most breeds wouldn’t last a day in the wild. So how is it possible to raise rabbits without cages?

Colonizing rabbits can be as easy as building a large fenced in area and using a guardian animal to protect them. ?Well, actually there is a few problems that you may encounter with that idea. The first thing is, rabbits love to dig. They dig holes to build nests and unless you bury a fence two feet in the ground, they will eventually escape.

I’ve heard some people say that you need to move the rabbits to different areas similar to using a chicken tractor with chickens. This is actually not true. All the rabbit needs is a place to hide (brush pile) and some good fresh hay (or sprouts).

Moving Rabbits To New Pasture

Moving rabbits is possible if you have a structure with a fence on the bottom that way they can’t dig out and escape. The rabbits could still eat fresh grass?without predators getting them. The right size holes and strength of the fencing would be important if you want to be able to move the rabbits and still keep them safely in the structure.

rabbit tractor
rabbit tractor

I’ve raised rabbits in cages and on the ground and I can tell you a rabbit is much happier in their own environment (not in a cage). They do much better when they are allowed to do what rabbits do. ?Run around and eat!

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