Worm Castings Are The Best Known Soil Amendment

worms on a squash

The popularity of worms has grown along with the castings they produce. Stores like Walmart, Farm and Fleet, Tractor Supply, as well as many nurseries now offering pure earthworm castings. Sure, I was a skeptic at first. Does worm manure actually work or is it all hype? Worm Manure is Not Fertilizer Using worm castings will not instantly make your plants burst out of the ground. While it does contain Continue reading Worm Castings Are The Best Known Soil Amendment

The Container Worms E-book

I’ve raised different types of worms over the past few?years. Not only are they good for the garden but they give a fast and efficient way to compost a variety of materials. They aerate the soil and break it down into useable nutrients for plants. Many people don’t like the idea of adding manure (fertilizer) to their garden. And they shouldn’t! Un-composted manure can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that Continue reading The Container Worms E-book