Kill weeds and make lasagna

Pulling weeds is no fun especially when your dealing with the long rooted perennial type. ?I like to take a different approach to weed control. ?Block out the sun and the weeds can’t grow. While some people cover weeds with plastic to block out the sun, I like to use a slightly different approach. ?My method takes a little longer but also improves the soil. You go away on vacation Continue reading Kill weeds and make lasagna

Add Millions of Worms To Your Garden With Tubes

Improve your?soil and adds lots of worms to your?garden with?Garden tubes! First you’ll need some cardboard mailing tubes.? Cut the tubes into two foot lengths. ?The thicker the tubes you use the longer they’ll last. ?Next cut one end of the tube and bend it over closing off one end. If you have tubes that have plastic ends, save them to close off the?top. Drill some holes all around the Continue reading Add Millions of Worms To Your Garden With Tubes

How To Brew Organic Worm Tea

Making compost worm tea is not difficult. Micro-organisms in the tea need oxygen and food to survive.? To keep the tea from becoming anaerobic the right temperature and oxygen must be maintained.? Once the tea becomes anaerobic you mine as well use it as a weed killer because that’s what it will do to your plants. Here’s my proven method for making some of the best liquid fertilizer you can Continue reading How To Brew Organic Worm Tea