A Fast and Easy Temporary Electric Fence

So what makes a good temporary fence? A good temporary fence is?mobile and it shouldn’t take half a day to put up. It should be?well-respected by animals both the ones you’re containing and any predators. Step-In Posts Are Ideal for Mobility I use the step in posts and space them every ten or fifteen feet depending on the rope or wire your using. The posts are designed to hold rope Continue reading A Fast and Easy Temporary Electric Fence

Goats Make Great Landscapers

Goats Used As Landscapers If you’ve read some of my other articles on this site, you know I use goats to clear large areas of brush.? Last year I started using them to clear around a 1 acre pond.? The progress they made was incredible!? They took down thick brush and small trees across a wide area of shoreline in just a matter of days. The goat is easier to Continue reading Goats Make Great Landscapers