Pallet Goat Feeder Plans

shipping pallet for goat feeder

Pallets are sometimes Free. ?Anytime you order something that’s heavy it has to be shipped freight. I always save the pallets for building something. I’ve been wanting to construct?a hay feeder for the animals and happen to get a pallet that would work perfect for one. ?It’s long enough to hold several small bales of hay so it should work out good. The first thing I did was remove the Continue reading Pallet Goat Feeder Plans

The Best Hay To Feed Animals

People new to raising animals may not know the difference between straw and hay.? Straw is a grass that is grown as a grain.? With very limited amounts of nutritional value, straw is generally used as bedding for animals.? Hay on the other hand, can come in two forms. Grass (carbonaceous hay) Legume   Grass hay has less protein and calcium than legume so a grain supplement is needed.? There Continue reading The Best Hay To Feed Animals

The Container Worms E-book

I’ve raised different types of worms over the past few?years. Not only are they good for the garden but they give a fast and efficient way to compost a variety of materials. They aerate the soil and break it down into useable nutrients for plants. Many people don’t like the idea of adding manure (fertilizer) to their garden. And they shouldn’t! Un-composted manure can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that Continue reading The Container Worms E-book