Pallet Goat Feeder Plans

shipping pallet for goat feeder

Pallets are sometimes Free. ?Anytime you order something that’s heavy it has to be shipped freight. I always save the pallets for building something. I’ve been wanting to construct?a hay feeder for the animals and happen to get a pallet that would work perfect for one. ?It’s long enough to hold several small bales of hay so it should work out good. The first thing I did was remove the Continue reading Pallet Goat Feeder Plans

Giant Size Pumpkin and Summer Squash Plant

summer squash and pumpkin plant

A giant size heirloom pumpkin and summer squash plant grew from an old seed.? I grew them last year so the seed must have got mixed in to the soil. ? The plants are over five feet tall and still growing!   The soil at Sandy Acre Pines is all sand… hence the name. No fertilizer was added to this plant except for a few goat droppings.       Continue reading Giant Size Pumpkin and Summer Squash Plant

Put Your Goat On A Rope

This may sound a little crazy but I tell you it works… Need an easy way to control weeds. ?Stake your goat on a long lead and let them eat all they want. ?Hey, pulling weeds is not my favorite chore and I’m not a big fan of chemicals, so why not let the goats do what they do best. ?Tie them up on a long lead rope. Some things Continue reading Put Your Goat On A Rope