Mixing A Large Batch of Potting Soil

When it comes to mixing potting soil, I like to mix a lot at once. ?If I make more than I’m going to use I just store it in old poly feed bags. ?An old wagon,wheel barrel, or even a plastic sled works good for mixing the soil. ?One year I even used a kids swimming pool for making a batch of potting soil.             Continue reading Mixing A Large Batch of Potting Soil

When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds

Leaves Contain Weed Seeds When you rake your leaves your picking up lots of seeds including weed seeds and adding them right in your garden soil.? After all, mulch is suppose to be used to eliminate weeds, not add them! How Can I Be Sure I’m Not Adding Seeds. You can’t but one way to eliminate most of them is by heating them up.? What I usually do is put Continue reading When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds

A Greenhouse For Under $150.00

hoop style greenhouse

Build a cheap greenhouse for less than $150.00. That’s right! I took that challenge and built this one for around $138. It has six shelves, an automatic window and drip irrigation. Of course the shelving and irrigation were a few bucks extra. Other than that this is a simple inexpensive structure that can be built in just a few hours. It has many more uses than just a greenhouse. I Continue reading A Greenhouse For Under $150.00