Five Great Ideas for Goat Feeders

Great Ideas For?Goat Hay Feeders Hay feeders for goats don’t need to be fancy but they need to be build with a few things in mind. The first thing is goats will waste hay if they can pull it out and drop it on the ground. ?Once hay is on the ground, they will rarely eat it. The second thing is keeping them out of the hay. If they can Continue reading Five Great Ideas for Goat Feeders

Hay and Grain Feeder For Goats

pvc feeder for goats

No reason to buy?a fancy goat feeder   Here’s a simple solution… Use a pallet as a hay feeder. ?Mount it to a wall in the corner of the barn.??The boards are spread wide enough apart for the goats to pull the hay through. ?Some hay gets wasted but that’s ok because they can use it as bedding. ?I can fit a small square bale behind the pallet and it Continue reading Hay and Grain Feeder For Goats

The Best Bedding For Goats

My Thoughts On the Best Way To Bed Goats.   Since goats are notorious for wasting hay, that’s one solution for bedding. ?The only problem is hay can be a little expensive at times and in the winter it would take a deep layer of hay to keep them warm and dry. ?I also happen to keep a horse in with my goats so there’s no such thing as hay Continue reading The Best Bedding For Goats