Three Great Uses For Leaves

1. Leaf bag decorations   Everybody knows leaves make good compost but before you decide to throw them in the compost bin, consider using them for decorations. ?You don’t have to purchase?predesigned?bags either. That’s boring! You can design your own using ordinary lawn and leaf bags. Black or white bags, it doesn’t really matter, since you’ll be?painting over them?anyway. ?As long as you remove the air and tie the bag Continue reading Three Great Uses For Leaves

Alabama Jumper Is A Serious Threat

This is no new worm breed The asian crazy worm also known as the Alabama Jumper (Amynthus Gracilus) is a worm that slithers like a snake and jumps around when it’s threatened.? Sure a lot of worms slither around and are active, but this worms real unique quality, is It’s tough skin that can plow?through hard soil like a rototiller. Alabama Jumpers?deemed a serious threat to our ecosystem Officials with Continue reading Alabama Jumper Is A Serious Threat

When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds

Leaves Contain Weed Seeds When you rake your leaves your picking up lots of seeds including weed seeds and adding them right in your garden soil.? After all, mulch is suppose to be used to eliminate weeds, not add them! How Can I Be Sure I’m Not Adding Seeds. You can’t but one way to eliminate most of them is by heating them up.? What I usually do is put Continue reading When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds