Grow Barley Fodder For Animals

Growing Barley Fodder for animals is simple and a cheaper alternative to?buying hay. Barley can be grown in any plastic container. All it needs is moisture, the right temperature and a small amount of light to grow. Here’s an easy way to get started growing fodder for animals. Barley seeds need to soak overnight so they will germinate faster. I soak the barley by using two 5 gallon buckets.? Drill Continue reading Grow Barley Fodder For Animals

Short on Hay Try Garbage Bag Silage

Make Your Own Garbage Bag Silage During times of drought or long cold winters hay can get expensive and hard to find.? If you happen to mow a lawn that doesn’t get sprayed with pesticides save the grass clippings and make silage.? Here’s how it’s done. Mow the grass and let it dry out. Rake the grass up and pack it tight into a garbage bag. Sit on the bag Continue reading Short on Hay Try Garbage Bag Silage