When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds

Leaves Contain Weed Seeds When you rake your leaves your picking up lots of seeds including weed seeds and adding them right in your garden soil.? After all, mulch is suppose to be used to eliminate weeds, not add them! How Can I Be Sure I’m Not Adding Seeds. You can’t but one way to eliminate most of them is by heating them up.? What I usually do is put Continue reading When You Add Leaves You Add Seeds

Grow A Garden of Worms

composting red worms

No Garden is Organic Without Worms If you live in a cold climate you can jump start your worm population by raising them in containers.?? It’s easy to do and when the weather warms up outside,? you can transfer them to your garden.? You don’t need much space to start raising worms. There’s no need to have any fancy containers either.? Just use what you have on hand to get Continue reading Grow A Garden of Worms