Populate Your Garden With Worms

A Simple Way To Add Worms To Your Garden Fill Your old feed bags with?good composted horse/cow manure and leaves. Punch a few small holes in the bottom of the bag. Soak the compost till it’s saturated and just let it drain. After draining, add?a 1/4 pound of worms. In 2-3?months you’ll have a bag full of worms and black gold for the garden!     Want to know what Continue reading Populate Your Garden With Worms

Grow A Garden of Worms

composting red worms

No Garden is Organic Without Worms If you live in a cold climate you can jump start your worm population by raising them in containers.?? It’s easy to do and when the weather warms up outside,? you can transfer them to your garden.? You don’t need much space to start raising worms. There’s no need to have any fancy containers either.? Just use what you have on hand to get Continue reading Grow A Garden of Worms

Grow a Green Forest With This Potting Soil

Here’s What You’ll Need For Good Potting Soil   To Mix A Wheel Barrel Full:   Two five gallon buckets of spaghnum peat moss One five gallon bucket of well composted horse or cow manure One gallon of worm castings One gallon of perlite 4 cups of epsom salt 2 cups of garden(ag)lime 1 cups of rock dust 1 cup of bone meal 1 cup of diatomaceous earth     Continue reading Grow a Green Forest With This Potting Soil