Giant Pond Raised Catfish

Catfish is one of the easiest fish to raise in a pond. ?Although the catfish likes warmer water, it’s still possible to raise them in colder climates. Here’s a look at some three year old catfish I raised in a 1 acre pond in Wisconsin. They don’t grow much throughout the winter but they sure make up for it on those warm summer days. ?They will gorge on food late Continue reading Giant Pond Raised Catfish

How To Populate Your Pond With Frogs

tadpole changes to frog

Frogs eat bugs and are great to have around ponds. However, there’s a lot of predators that feed on them and most never make it to their adult stage. ?Even once they do reach adult stage, fish and snakes love frogs. ?Hey why not… frog legs taste like chicken! I know it’s not good to mess with mother nature but I like to give the frogs a fighting chance. ?So Continue reading How To Populate Your Pond With Frogs

Goats Make Great Landscapers

Goats Used As Landscapers If you’ve read some of my other articles on this site, you know I use goats to clear large areas of brush.? Last year I started using them to clear around a 1 acre pond.? The progress they made was incredible!? They took down thick brush and small trees across a wide area of shoreline in just a matter of days. The goat is easier to Continue reading Goats Make Great Landscapers