A Must Have Garden Tool For Weeding

Don’t Pull Just Hoe… Over the past few years I’ve pulled my hair out trying to keep weeds out of the garden. ?If I knew about this tool, I would have saved my head of hair. ?It’s called a stirrup hoe.   What Makes The Stirrup Hoe Different It cuts the roots down deep without turning over new soil. ?Anytime new soil’s?turned over new weed seeds get planted. With the Continue reading A Must Have Garden Tool For Weeding

5 Steps To Organic Soil

Studies have shown that organic produce has more nutritional value?than crops produced using?conventional?farming practices. Many people are aware of the benefits of organic gardening and yet still refuse to practice it. ?Mainly because organic products are more expensive and there’s more labor involved with using organic methods. Organic doesn’t necessarily mean chemical free. ?There’s plenty of chemical products on the market that are certified organic. There’s also various tools and Continue reading 5 Steps To Organic Soil