The Best Bedding For Goats

My Thoughts On the Best Way To Bed Goats.   Since goats are notorious for wasting hay, that’s one solution for bedding. ?The only problem is hay can be a little expensive at times and in the winter it would take a deep layer of hay to keep them warm and dry. ?I also happen to keep a horse in with my goats so there’s no such thing as hay Continue reading The Best Bedding For Goats

The Best Hay To Feed Animals

People new to raising animals may not know the difference between straw and hay.? Straw is a grass that is grown as a grain.? With very limited amounts of nutritional value, straw is generally used as bedding for animals.? Hay on the other hand, can come in two forms. Grass (carbonaceous hay) Legume   Grass hay has less protein and calcium than legume so a grain supplement is needed.? There Continue reading The Best Hay To Feed Animals