Indoor Worm Composting Bins

The Best Worm Composting Bins For Indoor?Use In most parts of the country, there’s a time when worm composting?must?be done indoors. ?The type of worm bin you use is important to your composting success. ?So Choose wisely! The worm farm is adaptable and can house a lot of worms. ?As your worms multiply you can add more trays. ?This was the first bin system I started with. ?It can be Continue reading Indoor Worm Composting Bins

Worm Fertilizer Increases Plant Growth

The Power of?Worm Fertilizer? I started raising red worms several years ago to compost animal manure. ?I had no idea that the worm fertilizer would turn out to be so beneficial to plants. ?I just wanted a faster way to turn the manure into dirt. Who knew that worms could create such good soil? ? Worm castings don’t contain much for NPK since most of the soil gets broken down Continue reading Worm Fertilizer Increases Plant Growth